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SNS Protective Mesh

SNS Protective Mesh

SNS Protective Mesh SNS Protective Mesh SNS Protective Mesh SNS Protective Mesh
Product name : SNS Protective Mesh
Item : ZY-BPFHW-01
Details :

SNS protective mesh

SNS protective mesh also known as wire rope mesh, SNS flexible protection mesh, landslides fence, hillside hanging net.
CategorySlope protection mesh is divided into active and passive.
UsesSlope protection mesh is mainly used for hillside protection, expansive soil management, the slope projects of railways, highways, hydropower, mining and municipal engineering. Active protection mesh means a flexible mesh covered or wrapped on dangerous rocks or slopes in need of protection, in order to limit weathered rock and soil slope to spalling or damage and the collapse of unstable rock, it plays a reinforce role. Passive protection mesh will control the rockfall in a certain range, it plays a envelope role. Slope protection mesh greatly reduces the landslides, avalanches, slope erosion, blasting, falling objects and other hazards.
1. Slope protection meshes are made by high-tensile wire rope netting;
2. Slope protection meshes are designed basing on the latest international slope protection standard;
3. Adopting modular installation, saving time and expenses;
4. High anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

SNS (safety netting system) active protection

SNS (safety netting system) active protection is an open system to reinforce slopes. Considering it's merits-easy to install, high efficiency, low cost and artistic effect on slopes, it has been widely used in many fields of domestic industries, such as hydropower station, civil transportation and mining engineering. The SNS flexible protection mesh overcomes the inconvenience of traditional ways to reinforce slopes, improves the effect of the vegetation, and becomes a developing method with ecological and social benefits.

SNS (safety netting system) passive protection

The passive SNS shielding system is also called stone blocking mesh, made by flexible steel wire rope netting installed in the slopes to stop the falling rocks. It can also be installed in the mud-rock flow area to form the flexible fencing dam to stop the huge solid pellets in the flow.

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